Master Class (Uruguay)

    ((«Master Class »)) (International) is a «Musical Talent Show» where children sing all-time classics with only positive reviews and no eliminations.16 children [aged 8-14]with the most promising voices in the country are taught by 4 teachers – leading artists in music,who train them to make the most of their potential. ((Keshet)) 🙋
    The deal marks the first original Keshet International format to be adapted for audiences in Uruguay and will be the first ever "Spanish-language version of the show". 😱
    Keshet International (KI) has licensed its children's music talent show Master Class to Teledoce (La Tele), Uruguay's free-to-air channel, as it ramps up its presence within Latin American region. 🌍
    Master Class (Uruguay). The cycle will seek the constant progress of the children, who in the casting have already shown to be talented.Similar «Coro Fermata,».Some kids may be part of choral groups like Julieta Berón Alzugaray«Coro del Sodre,».Unlike other programs, will be no broken hearts.Kids dream to become famous like(Natalia Oreiro).«Axel Rodriguez »Belén Rodriguez,Julieta Nieto,Lara Galarza,E.Tarduña,L.García etc.