Masaka Kids Africana (Uganda)



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    A Mixed group Choir of young boys and girls multi talented kids and teens, from Uganda Masaka. Our motto is to   🎼 ((DANCE, RISE & SHINE.)) 🎼  [Tik Tok] Similar to «Inspire Ghetto Kids Foundation»(Triplets Ghetto Kids), non-profit org. in Kampala. Both groups independently but in Uganda share talented musical videos to raise money for poor kids, and the 2 Organizations are fundraising .
    Children receive safe shelter, food, clothing, education music and medical care. Through them, they gain an education and the life skills they need for future success. Their lives are completely transformed. They are in Africa to help as many of these young people as they can.  Similar:  
     «Watoto Children's Choir»
    The Masaka Kids Africana sponsored children have gone through some of the worst experiences a child could face — but through dance and song and sharing their love of Uganda, these kids connect to each other and the world. 🌍At Ghetto Kids, mission is Music, Dance, Drama, Sing and Act to Disadvantaged, Street children and Orphans to achieve Basic Needs away from violence. TGK. facebook.