Mackenzie Sol (United Kingdom)

    Boy | Pop
    Mackenzie Sol Williamson was born on September 4, 2000 in England. He is an actor, known for Holly & Stephen's Saturday Showdown (2004), The X Factor (2004) and This Morning (1988). Mackenzie played football for Lumley FC Under 13s and Under 8s.
    Mackenzie Sol is an actor and musician he has said that singing and performing is his life. He do like to play pranks and he can be sarky. But, he's not cruel about it. He just like to mess around and have fun. Sure, sometimes he get in trouble for talking too much, not following rules and generally being a clown. But, you know, he's not nasty or anything. He guess he's just a typical kid.
    He's from Great Lumley, County Durham, which is a small village in the North East of England. Probably the most important thing to know about him is that he want to be a superstar…. that’s been his dream for as long as he can remember. He aspire to be a triple-threat with music, acting and dance and his goal is to make it happen.
    He started singing when he was 2 years old, as his parents sing for a living. They perform in venues all over the country, and he join them whenever he can. He love entertaining people and, hmm…he especially like the attention he get from girls. They say he's cute ;)
    He know it’s going to take work to get what he want, so he've been working at it. He joined Stagecoach Theatre Arts and started working as a theatrical actor. He made his debut TV appearance in 2005 on "X-Factor UK," and have appeared on the CBBC show, "The Dumping Ground.” He also reached the finals in a musical talent competition called “Open Mic UK.”
    Recently he traveled with his mom to Hollywood, CA where he auditioned for TV shows and commercials. He actually got to do a couple commercials and met a lot of cool people. The most exciting thing though, is that he got to record his first record, an EP, with a professional production team. They recorded four songs and a bunch of videos. He loved it. It inspired him and made him realize that if you do something you love as your job, it’s the best feeling EVER.
    Out of all the things he want to do, he know that music is his passion. It moves him and puts him in another world. It’s an amazing thing. A good song can change his mood and make him smile. And, he want to share that with other people. He want them to be as happy as he is by listening to HIS music.
    He also see himself growing as an artist. At first, he used to cover songs by his favorite acts --- you know, like Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars and Maroon 5. Now, he's learning how to write his own songs. In fact, he co-wrote all the songs on his new EP.
    About the superstar thing, well… it would be great to travel first class and be adored by cute female fans… hehehe. But, more importantly to him, it would give him an opportunity to entertain as many people as possible. He think he's meant to be a performer. He was born to do it. So, he's going to work very hard to make it, because he believe that's why he was put on this earth.