Lyonya Shilovsky (Лёня Шиловский, Russia)



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    Lyonya Shilovsky «(Лёня Шиловский)». This toddler boy of Russian nationality started playing drums as a pro. at around 3 years old,  and he appeared in a famous television program in Russia, 2013, and the child surprised the world with his ability to play the drums.🎼
    He is like: «Hugo Molina» or «Yoyoka»
    Despite being so young, from his early years his parents fostered the pre teen kid a taste for music, leading him to acquire his unparalleled skill with this instrument at only 1.5 years old. 
    So much so that young Lenya Shilovsky was invited to lead the Novosibirsk Symphony Orchestra and performed an amazing solo when he performed "Orpheus in the Underworld"🌍 by the French composer Jacques Offenbach.
    Official VK Account  ВКонта́кте,(Lyonya Shilovsky)  Other Talent: «José André Montaño»