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    Coro(( Los K'ana Wawakuna)) is a choral musical group project, founded in Espinar (Cusco) and directed by the music teacher Amílcar Soto Merma, which bringing together students from the different educational institutions of Espinar and its surroundings, is leading this beautiful experience through of the techniques of music education and with the voluntary financial contribution of the parents, thus carrying out this childhood dream with great talent and gift that God provides as a legacy to "The k'ana Wawakuna" their angelic voices (white voices) that express and reflect love, peace, and hope, whose noble intention is to increase human expression and sensitivity, the rescue of values, the theme of love and cultural identity in the inhabitants of Espinarenses and throughout Peru, giving priority to children of our country that are the present and the future of a radiant future as our homeland is.Similar «Niños Cantores De Huaraz»🎤 «Coro y Orquesta Urubicha»🌍
    It is worthy to recognize that singing has been vital in the emotional development and intelligence of children, as the parents of the Choir K'ana Wawakuna assure us that their children have improved their music with their music, in responsibility, in their work in team and especially in their human sensitivity. Becoming their second home, the trials and practices that resulted in the family unit between each child chorus, sharing their emotions, dreams, joys, pranks and all their innocence that would be perpetually embodied in each k'ana Wawakuna .Espinar, cradle of the K'ana nation, is located within the department of Cusco, whose history is manifested in a historical and glorious past of the K'anas, who left their cultural and artistic heritage to "Los Kana Wawakuna" means children of the K'anas.
    The “Children of the Kanas” (K'ana Wawakunas) return with this tribute to Cusco,   along with the contribution of the musical compositions of Professor Amílcar Soto Merma, after having good acceptance at the regional and national level for the song K'ana Wawakuna which is the theme song of Los k'ana Wawakuna, it is necessary to mention in a special way that recognizes the effort and hard work of each child in this project. Hoping to find good people who respect the daily effort of these kids so small that only seek to reach all of Peru and serve as an example for other children who seek to make their dream and wish come true.✨                  Contacts: RPC: 974319628 -