Lina Kuduzović (Slovenia)

    Girl | Pop
    Lina Kuduzović was born on 30th December 2002 in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, where she lives together with her mother Sebina and father Denis.
    She started showing interest in music from a very early age. As a three-year-old girl she gave a big surprise to her parents when she started singing the refrain of the My Humps song by Black Eyed Peas. This was just the start and her teacher in kindergarten also noticed her singing this and many other songs. The teacher thought Lina is really advanced singer for her age. When she was five, she started singing the song I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston, which started her career as a young star.
    At the start of the elementary school, parents enrolled her to the music class in the school. Lina was enthusiastic about practising solo singing and playing piano. This was the time of her first public appearances on small events, where she was noticed by a young reporter, who invited her to the Dobro jutro, Slovenija programme in May of 2009.
    In the end of the year 2009 she took part in the Vrata med zvezdami show, a musical competition with children of her age. Despite not winning any of the top three spots, Lina was not disheartened. Her first appearance gave her welcome exposure, which resulted in an invitation to the charity concert for prematurely born children, where she sang the I Will Always Love You song. This appearance even increased her desire to perform before large audiences and at the perfect moment, the Slovenija ima talent (Slovenia's Got Talent) show started looking for new talents.
    In April of 2010, Lina sang in the Slovenija ima talent show for the first time, enrapturing the audience and the jury. The jury was especially impressed, naming her »Little Princess Lina«. For the audition, she sang I Will Always Love You and in the semi-finals My heart Will Go On by Celine Dion, confidently reaching the finals.
    In the final show on 6th June 2010, the »little princess with the voice of an angel« sang The Power Of Love by Jennifer Rush in front of the whole of Slovenia, winning the first Slovenija ima talent show.
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