Lil' Chris (United Kingdom)

    Boy | Pop | Rock
    Chris Hardman, or to his friends Lil' Chris, is a cheeky 16-year old from Lowestoft who looks three years younger but puts on live performances as if he were five years older. He was the winner of Gene Simmons' Rock School series. 
    Chris is also a hard working boy. He has just recieved great news in his GCSEs, 11 gcses are now under his belt as well as a record deal with RCA and a massive fan base. He enjoys skate boarding and go karting. As well as meeting Vernon Kay he has met the likes of, Gene Simmons (Kiss, tutor for ch4's Rock School), Richard and Judy, Harry Hill and Frank Lampard. His first single "Checkin' It Out", hit number three in the UK Charts in September 2006.