Lil' Blade (Netherlands)

    Boy | Pop
    Luciano Hiwat aka Lil Blade is a 11 year old multi talented boy coming out of Rotterdam (the Netherlands). Already at the age of 3 Luciano started to breakdance , skateboard and do capoeira. In 2008 Luciano competed in the television show "Holland Got talent" and made it to the semi finals. Luciano's career really took of in 2010 when he entered the Dance competition "Move Like Michael Jackson" on prime-time TV. Luciano being a big "Michael Jackson" fan stunned the world with his authentic dance moves and even got tears to the eyes of Move like Michael Jackson jury member Jermaine Jackson , saying Luciano remembered him of his brother the late Michael Jackson. Also the other Move Like Michael Jackson jury-members Lavelle Smith Junior (choreographer/dancer on the Michael Jackson tours) and "This Is It" casting director Mark Summers couldn't believe how "big" this small boy's dance talent really was. Luciano went on to the Move Like Michael Jackson finals and won the competition! Mark Summers realised that this victory could be the start of a mega career for Luciano and he contacted manager Peter Muls from Absolute P Entertainment (50/50 Konvict Muzik , Akon) and asked him to guide Luciano and his mom Lucinda on their quest to greatness. Peter asked Luciano what he really wanted to do, dance , sing ,act? Luciano answered that he really wanted to be a alround artist , dance like Michael Jackson , sing like Justin Bieber and act like Jaden Smith! In the beginning of 2011 Luciano signed his first record deal with Mostiko Record and not much later Luciano got casted for a role in the movie "Body Language" , playing Bobby. Luciano released a single in October 2012. Dreams do come true when you are a dedicated , hard working artist like Luciano !