Ktrask [La Banda de Cantaniño] (Argentina)

    ♪ ♬ «"La Banda de🐸Cantaniño"»[Ktrask]the 1st.Pop Mixed group that came out of the TVprogram 2002.Many kids participated of the Casting where 18 are finalists and the Jury selected 5.At the 4th day of their 1st.Disco, sold 20.000 copies and converted into Gold and Platinum Disco. 🙈
    KtrasK  is formed with, Agustín Alejandro Rodríguez, Athenas María Venica López, María Celeste Gomez Ríos, Nicolás Zuviría y Vanesa Gabriela Leyro.Similar to«"Parchis"» ♪ ♬♪ ♬
    The songs were famous in ((America)) Argentina,Bolivia,Uruguay, Spain & Mexico.They were from Telefé like "Chiquititas" , «El Arbol azul» & ((Cebollitas))
    [[Its a musical TV show La Banda de 🐸Cantaniño on an Argentine channel. I don't speak spanish but my friend does and she is absolutely obsessed with them. 
    The show has some bands but its biggest band is Ktrask. It consists of 2 boys, and 3 girls. They really do work hard and they dance really well with original choreography. Remember I said I don't speak Spanish but I know the words to the songs even though I have no idea what they are saying. It's just so catchy. It's a great way to learn the flow of spanish in a fun way!]]     Amazon Customer Dec.29, 2003