Ksenija Sitnik (Ксения Ситник, Belarus)

    Girl | Pop
    Ksenia Sitnik was born on May 15, 1995 in Mozyr, Belarus, where she still lives. Her father is a businessman and her mother is a director of UMES music school. Her hobbies include singing, dancing and drawing. Ksenia has an older sister who also takes part in children’s song contests.
    Ksenia Sitnik started her career at a very early age. She has taken part in many festivals such as the Chernobyl Way charity show (her city is still contaminated with radiation since it is a few kilometers from the Chernobyl nuclear plant) and the festivals 'Falling Stars' in Nowa Ruda, Poland and 'Star Light' in Saint Petersburg, Russia. She won prizes in the Golden Bee festival as well as the Grand Prix at the international children's contest at the Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk in Belarus in 2005.
    Ksenia Sitnik became famous across Europe after her victory at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2005, where she represented her home country, Belarus. Despite the song not being popular in pre-contest polls (for example, in the 'Europrediction' poll, held by Oikotimes.com, Ksenia came last with no points), she won, albeit narrowly - she had only three points more than the runner-up, Antonio Jose from Spain.
    In November 2006 she released a CD with accompanying music book called My vmeste. Music videos were made for the songs "Korablik" and "Prostaye pesenka".