Krush (United States)

    Krush is a pre-teen, classic rock band, who began playing together in December 2013, after bonding, forming friendships, and discovering their obvious chemistry at the School of Rock in Lake Worth, Florida.
    Krush is a vision of Brad and Laurie Rothschild, parents of lead guitarist Nicholas Rothschild, after experiencing frustration with trying to find better musicians to play with the exceptionally talented Nick. Brad and his wife Laurie handpicked each Krush member with the hopes of a better band, better sound, and better quality. Laurie has a musical background and an ear for what is needed, this has been instrumental in the development of the band and the songs they play.
    Krush rehearses weekly at DC Rehearsal Studios, their ongoing support and professionalism has been key to the success of Krush. 
    The Krush fan base is growing quickly, from pre-teen admirers to industry pros, and are quickly making a name for themselves as the next generation of rock.