Kropp Circle (United States)

    Kropp Circle is a super-charged pop-rock band out of Las Vegas and possibly the best new youth band in America. Kropp Circle comprises three over-achieving musical brothers who write their own songs based on their life experiences--and although one could argue that they've lived a short slice of life--their songs prove they are paying attention. With their eyes wide open and their minds engaged, displaying skill and pathos beyond their years, Kropp Circle has a voice, has something to say, and says it with conviction.
    Brothers Sebastian, Remington, and Emerson have been writing songs before they could ride bicycles. Discovering their passion for music at an early age, the trio has dedicated themselves to writing meaningful songs about life as they see it. Whether it's songs about a first crush, losing a close friend, disappointment, or the highs and lows of everyday teen life, Kropp Circle writes about the experiences of their generation.
    "Even though we are young, we have a voice and are lucky we can express the way we feel through our music," says Sebastian. "The words, music, and the way it is arranged are important to us--people matter and words count."
    Kropp Circle's music is continuing to build momentum across the globe. Their songs caught the ear of Radio Disney and Kropp Circle was featured on the station's online competition N.B.T.--Next Big Thing. Disney showcased the songs Feel, about realizing a relationship is ending, and Fade Away, which deals with everyday life experiences. The UK also embraced Kropp Circle as one of the top 3 Finalists in both the Rock and Pop categories of the prestigious The People's Music Awards, where fans and respected industry tastemakers voted for their favorite new bands. The track Who We Really Are was featured in the competition and appealed to a cross-genre spectrum of audiences.
    Kropp Circle constantly works on their craft and most nights you'll find them in their studio working on songs for their upcoming debut CD. The brothers are schooled in pop music and count among their varied influences Oasis, Coldplay, Radiohead, Sigur Rós, GooGoo Dolls, and Matchbox Twenty. It's this background in music that brings purpose and seriousness to the songs of this unique, young musical trio.
    As of 2012 they changed their band title name to Palaye Royale.