KidToniK (France)

    KidToniK is a tween pop group from France who made their recording debut in 2008 and racked up a series of Top Ten hit singles. Comprised of French tweens Morgane, Alexis, Joanna, Oihana, Sarah, and Robin (the sole member from Belgium), the group is affiliated with Canal J, a French television station targeting kids between the age of seven and 14. KidToniK made their recording debut in 2008 with the Top Five hit single "Aller Plus Loin," a highly produced, electro-fashioned pop song whose appeal proved broad. While the group's full-length debut album, Aller Plus Loin (2008), released a few months later on the label Heben Music, wasn't especially popular, charting for only 11 weeks and climbing no higher than number 50, it spawned a series of Top Ten follow-up hit singles with "Left & Right" and "Jusqu'au Bout." ~ Jason Birchmeier, All Music Guide