Kidsongs (United States)

    "Kidsongs"«Детские песни» an American children's media with musically talented kids from around the world,that includes kids' music, Songs,Video-Stories,TVShow, sing old/new favorite children's songs,forming different Mixed group,bands and  choirs of kids,teens, and young people.,  «AppleTV» Similar 👉((みすず児童合唱団))
    You can Sing Along with them.The Songs  are very high quality productions that have won or nominated with numerous Grammy,Emmy and MTV Video Music Awards.Developed by Warner Bros. Records(1985–95) & Together Again Video Productions[TAVP] (1985–95).
                                                               🎼  "Made by kids, For kids and Starring kids". 🌍
    The Kidsongs Kids:  members:  " Fandom "
    The TAVP/WBR/View-Master Video (Viewmaster was acquired by Tyco Toys in 1989–95)[8] partnership produced 16 Kidsongs episodes of the Music Video Stories. In 1995, WBR and TAVP bought out Tyco's distribution rights and produced three more View-Master videos called "Billy Biggle's Favorite Songs", "Country Sing-Along", and "Boppin' with the Biggles" in 1994, and two KidVision videos called "Let's Put on a Show" & "Baby Animal Songs" in 1995, as part of a new venture with another division of Warner Bros.--Warner Vision.[9] In 1997, TAVP acquired all rights from WBR/Warner Vision and became the sole owner of all Kidsongs properties.
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    Later in 1997, TAVP entered into a distribution/production agreement[10] with Sony Wonder, which resulted in the production of four more titles called "I Can Dance!", "I Can Do It!", "Adventures in Biggleland: Billy's Birthday", and "Adventures in Biggleland: Meet the Biggles". That agreement ended on July 1, 1998, and in 2002, distribution rights were licensed by RLJE Films, who continues to distribute the videos.«Wikipedia»🌟
     Incredibly talented ensemble of children from different ages like toddlers, singing with professional vocal singers and musicians.Created,producer/writer Carol Rosenstein & director Bruce Gowers.