Kidsongs (United States)

    "Kidsongs"«Детские песни» an American children's media with musically talented kids from around the world,that includes kids' music, Songs,Video-Stories,TVShow, sing old/new favorite children's songs,forming different Mixed group,bands and  choirs of kids,teens, and young people.,  «AppleTV»   🎼 Similar ((Sodre))
    You can Sing Along with them.The Songs  are very high quality productions that have won or nominated with numerous Grammy,Emmy and MTV Video Music Awards.Developed by Warner Bros. Records(1985–95) & Together Again Video Productions[TAVP] (1985–95).
                                                             "Made by kids, For kids and Starring kids". 🌍
    The Kidsongs Kids: Steven Brooks (1985-1987) Jeremy Brown (1985) Sander Byfuglin (1985 & 1986) Adanelly Camacho (1985) Donetta & H.B. Charles (1985 & 1986) Gabriel Diaz (1985) Bradley Dean & Amanda "Mandie" Fox (1985-1987) Gregory Harrison (1985) Rachael Holly (1985 & 1986) April Hong (1985 & 1986) Courtney Kettenburg (1985) David Klingenbeger (1985) Angela Levine (1985) Leonard "Leo" Magnus (1985) Marccus Mendoza (1985) Bonnie & Molly Morgan (1985) Alanna Mulhern (1985 & 1986) Dakeisha Payne (1985) Paul Smith (1985 & 1986)«Wikipedia»🌟
     Incredibly talented ensemble of children from different ages like toddlers, singing with professional vocal singers and musicians.Created,producer/writer Carol Rosenstein & director Bruce Gowers.