The band is made of five girls - Libi Panker, Adi Bity, Adel Korshov, Adi Mesilati and Tali Sorokin and one boy - Daniel Pruzansky. All six of them are experienced performers and will represent Israel in the 2012 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the song Let The Music Win which they wrote alongside composer Ohad Hitman.
    Libi Panker was born on 29.03.1998 and lives in Rosh Ha'ayin. Music for Libi is everything, music is her love and with the music she brings her feelings out. She writes and composes music. She had taught herself to play keyboard and guitar. She had studied vocal pedagogy and played the clarinet for two years. She started to sing at the age of 4, and was a finalist of the popular show "Music School".
    Adi Bity was born on 26.5.2001 and lives in Hod HaSharon. She started her career at the age of 2.5 in a young talent show, in front of hundreds of people. Since then she has gained a lot of experience in music: singing in a choir, studying vocal pedagogy, dubbing cartoon characters and perform along Andrea Bocelli are just an example. She's also taken part in the "Music School" TV show.
    Adel Korshov was born on 20.11.2001 and lives in Oranit. Another young and trained performer and the daughter of former opera singers, her older sister is also singing and playing the guitar, and together they perform in family events. She achieve her biggest dream to perform on stage when last year she took part in "Music School". Furthermore, she performed in various TV shows and other stages.
    Adi Mesilati was born on 31.7.1998 and lives in Kfar Saba. An exceptional student she's also a member of two two youth groups of her city and of the school choir. Adi also sings in the Mimouna celebrations and during the Independence Day shows. She took part in a competition called "To be a star" of the Israeli Ministry of Education, where she ended up as a finalist.
    Tali Sorokin was born on 12.2.2002 and lives in Rehovot. As she started singing before talking, her parents decided to send her to study musical theatre when she was very young. Now she is the soloist of the "Flowers of Ashdod" band. She already won many international awards and represented Israel in the Slavic Bazzar in 2012. Tali is also a rhythmic gymnast and is taking part in competitions for 4 years.
    Daniel Pruzansky was born on 30.9.1999 and lives in Rosh Ha'ayin. He is performing since 5 and in six languages: Hebrew, English, German, Italian, Yiddish and Russian! He plays the piano and the clarinet and knows how to sing opera. He performed with the "Kinderlach" band all over Israel as a soloist and at age 9 released his first album. His biggest achievement was representing Israel in the Slavic Bazzar.