Jordan Koolman (Aruba)



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    Jordan Koolman alias ‘Jordan’ musician and singer is one of the young participants of the Aruba Carnival Tumberito Festival Pre-Children. Every year the small Island Country located in Tropical Caribbean Paradise very close to South America Continent, celebrates Carnival with all the Population also tourists, where they can win prizes, and it is divided into different categories.
    This child Jordan is one of the many kids that participate in the Tumberito Category and Winner of  T pre-ch / 1st Place - Social Media Star 2019,  with song Awe t'e dia  (Today is the Day) with the Band: All Star Band and also Winner of  T pre-ch / 1st Place - Best Ambiance T. King 2020 with the song  Taa taa  with the Orchestra: Buleria Official. Similar:Bermuda Bahamas 
    Aruba’s Tumberito Festival is a diminutive of the Aruba Grand Tumba Festival. The Festival offers great opportunity for, and encourages children[boys and girls] and young participants to display their talents.The categories are  toddlers  and pre-children ages 4 to and 9 years old, pre-teens from ages 10 to and 13 years old and youth-teens ages 14 to and 17 years old. From all over Aruba and the world people come to see and applaude Aruba’s Carnival Parades. A real feast to all senses.