Johnny Orlando (Canada)

    Boy | Pop | Rap
    Johnny Orlando, "JohnnyO" is from Toronto, Canada. You may know him from his popular music videos, on YouTube, where he covers pop's top 40 songs, and creates family-friendly music videos to go along with them. He currently has over 26 million YouTube views and over 130,000 Subscribers! His fanbase is expanding every day, gaining new fans on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram ect, due to his witty and loving charm for his supporters. Currently Johnny has accumulated a sum of 300,00 followers throughout his social media sites! Johnny has created 3 original singles, "Summertime", "Never Give Up" and "Replay!". And he plans to release more original music this spring. Johnny has gained celebrity attention from a few stars, one of which was Ryan Seacrest, who played Johnny's cover of "Boyfriend" on his radio show, and entered him in his Bieber-Off contest! Johnny also enjoys acting, and has appeared in a number of commercials for brands like Nutella and Cadbury. Johnnys musical inspirations include Usher, Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson, and Austin Mahone, Right now Johnny is having fun joining the music industry over YouTube, and hopes to pursue music as a career when he is older. 
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