Jensen Gering (United States)



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    Boy singer/song writer, model, and actor. When you first catch sight of singer Jensen Gering, you could be confused for a second and wonder if you have come across a hybrid of the adorable 1990s handsome boys and a young «Cody Simpson».
    He has wavy blonde hair that flops over his eyes and a million-dollar smile. At 12 years old, his modeling career is already a decade underway, and he has collaborated with operations as iconic as Old Navy and Popsugar. Still, he has set his sights on a more artistic future. «Magazine».
    Beginning his career when he was only a child of THREE years old on the E! Network, starring in a show called, “Dirty Soap” (A series about the behind the scenes lives of soap opera actors), and most recently as a character in the short film, “The Confab”, the kid has proven himself to be very passionate about his craft and music.🎼🎼