J Radical (United States)

    Boy | Rap
    Jordan Rad, aka “J Radical” is brand new on the hip hop scene. Born in Sarasota, Florida in 2002, he was an extremely bright baby, able to walk early, and have conversations as a toddler.  After a book was read to him, he could recite the words as if he were reading them. This amazing gift of memory was something he would later find was a gift from the Lord.
    His father was abusive and battled on and off with drug and alcohol addictions, and his mother decided after much prayer that it was best for her and the children to leave him. This was very difficult for Jordan, as he struggled to understand why his dad could treat his him, his mom, and his little sister like he did. In 2009, his father moved away and has not been part of their life since.
    Fast-forward a couple of years…  He moved to Massachusetts with his mom and sister. He began listening to some of the secular rap his friends listened to, and this scared his mom. In an attempt to steer him away from this sinful music, she introduced him to Christian rap and hip hop, with artists like Flame, Lecrae and Toby Mac. He instantly loved it and accepted Christ at the age of 10. He decided that he wanted to follow Jesus, and become a pastor or Gospel rapper like Lecrae and the 1-1-Six Movement and show others the joy that can be found in Christ.
    Using his God-given gift of memory, Jordan quickly memorized and recited songs he heard. In April 2013, he went to a Lecrae concert in Boston and got to meet and talk to him, and then spent a lot of time praying that someone would help him realize his goal of writing and recording his own rap music. One day, while getting ready to leave a church service, a man noticed him wearing a Lecrae ‘1-1-Six’ Logo shirt and they started talking. This man would become instrumental in leading and mentoring Jordan into “Radical”. T-Dogg had all the knowledge, music, recording equipment, and abilities that Jordan was praying about. Now, only God knows where his story will go. It’s all about bringing glory to the Lord and being Radical.
    After all, “ain’t no point in a quiet Christian.”
    -J Radical