Ivan Ivanov (Иван Иванов, Bulgaria)

    Boy | Pop
    Ivan  Ivanov was born in 2000 in the town of Gorna Oryahovitsa in Central Bulgaria.  At the age of six he joined the local children choir. A year later he became  solo singer and until now is member of the vocal group “New Music”.
     He is winner of more than 30 national and international awards, medals,  trophies  and diplomas. Among them are  the First Prize of the “Ghiocelus de argint” International Festival in Romania  (2009), the First Prize of the “River’s Notes” International Arts Festival in  Tutrakan, Bulgaria (2010), the Second Prize of the “Berlin Pearl” European Pop  Music Contest and many others.
     In 2009 he received a Diploma from the “Dimitar Berbatov Foundation” for  his achievements in the field of music.
     He also took part in the Closing Ceremony of the 19th “Slavianskiy  Bazar” International Arts Festival in Belarus singing together with the  Russian star Vladimir Presniakov.
    The young talent is proud of his A marks in school. He is in the  fifth grade and loves Mathematics, English  and Music. In his free time he plays football and goes to hip-hop dancing  lessons. His sign is  Aries, but his  favouritе animal is the lion. He likes computer games and collects robots. 
     He also likes reading books. At present he is reading  “Karlsson-on-the-Roof” and “Pirates of the Carribbean”. He likes Nicolas Cage  movies. His music idols are Adam Lambert, Jon Bon Jovi and Bulgarian singers  Grafa and Vassil Naydenov.
      His dream is to make a recording with Adam Lambert in Holywood. 
    His motto is “I am a Superhero!”
      “Joung Jon Bon Jovi” as his friends call him, won the Bulgarian  contest  with his song “Superhero”  together with  the backing vocals  Mikhaela Marinova and Ioanna Marinova. Although they have the same family name,  the two girls are not related.  The  dancers of “Veda Ballet“ were also part of his performance.