Yury Demidovich (Юрий Демидович, Belarus)

    Boy | Pop
    Yuriy Demidovich (born November 19th, 1996) is studying 
    in school-college at the Belarusian State Academy of Music. He has began singing at the 
    age of 3, and his first public performance was with the song "Beleet parus 
    odinokiy". At the age of 5 following the advice from friends his mother brought Yuriy 
    to the choir and already for 6 years he singing in the boys chapel, choir, which in 2005 won the 
    top prize at the German festival "Harmony", performed at the concert devoted to 
    the anniversary of launch of monument of Mstislav Rostropovich in accademy named after him 
    in Frankfurt. Yura is also engaged in Opera Theater 
    plays, for example in "Boris Godunov" opera he performs role of Boris' son.