Idar Kotsev (Идар Коцев, Russia)

    Boy | Pop
    Idar Kotsev was born in the city of Nalchik, Kabardino-Balkarian Republic. He is currently successfully enrolled in a preparatory school and a music school (studying piano). He’s also studying singing, acting, and elocution.
    Idar constantly participates in concerts and other events, has won the highest awards at numerous all-Russian and international song and elocution competitions. Despite his age, Idar has already participated in key Russian TV programs, including "New Wave. Kids Edition", "The Voice. Kids", "Song of the Year" and many others.
    Idar loves classical and contemporary music, writes his own songs, studies English and Italian, and is mastering choreography. During his free time Idar enjoys reading, playing the piano, sports, and clay sculpting. He also likes to go hiking in the mountains with his friends and family.