Haydn Mason (United Kingdom)

    Boy | Pop
    Haydn Mason is from a large family , he have 2 brothers and 4 sisters and he have a  niece and 2 nephews. So there's never a dull moment!! his family mean everything to him and they are all very close.
    His hobbies include sports, (playing not watching haha.) hanging out with friends (if you could call that a hobby) he love swimming and badminton, but don't get to play 
    badminton as much as he like. He love having friends around! 
    His favorite hobby is of  course music, ESPECIALLY singing! he LOVE singing and he's constantly getting told to be quiet<<<< sometimes not even as polite as that  :D  he suppose it would be annoying if your trying to watch TV, but he can't help it haha (:
    He have never really had the confidence to perform, but mum persuaded him to make a video for YouTube so she could show her friends!!  The response he received was amazing! not just from friends and family, but from everyone that watched. Since then he have continued to make videos and he would like to learn all he can about music. Another goal is to learn an instrument, he's thinking keyboard!