Have2Have (United States)

    Have2Have's music has been feat. on ABC's "Extreme Makeover : Home Edition", "Dance Moms" on the Lifetime Network & TLC's "Toddler's & Tiaras" among others.
    What happens when two eleven-year-old boys decide they want to form a band? The result is Have2Have. That’s what happened when Will Brandt and Shane Perel-Wertman found that not only did they love playing sports, video games and various musical instruments but when they sang together it was so much fun they never wanted to stop.
    Though both Will and Shane knew each other as family friends their mutual interest in singing and performing began as separate pursuits. 
    Will began his start singing at the age of 6 when he performed and recorded a song for Camp Del Corazon, a charitable organization. After that first experience, he was a featured singer on many recordings that appeared on various television shows. He was also the voice on the Rowdy Rookies theme song for the Dallas Cowboys. He has been involved in musical theater playing Jack in the musical “Jack And The Beanstalk” and the Wolf in the musical “Little Red Riding Hood.”
    Will has played the drums since he was 6 years old and is also currently studying piano and plays the tenor saxophone in his middle school band.
    Will’s first musical influence was the Beatles. He was a Beatle fanatic and tried to learn every lyric in their 300 plus song catalog. Will currently lists his favorite artists as Muse, Green Day, Queen, Weezer, and Maroon Five.
    Shane began his start at age 5 as a featured lead dancer in the Vancouver Production of “Seasons in the Sun”. After this initial outing, Shane went on to do several more theatrical shows that involved his dancing talents even playing the role of Michael Jackson in a musical tribute. At the same time Shane began doing voice over work for national commercial campaigns as well as being cast in several different commercials and episodes for television. Shane was the winner of a Los Angeles citywide talent contest sponsored by MGM Studios in conjunction with the release of the movie Fame.
    Shane has been playing guitar since age 7 and also plays the clarinet in his school band.
    Shane counts his musical influences from the Scorpions to Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath all the way across the musical spectrum that includes The Bee Gees.
    By the time they had turned 11 years old, with the encouragement of their families, Will And Shane decided to work together in their pursuit of a musical dream. With no fixed path to stardom, they both decided to “just see what happens”. As they began to grow more confident together their music became more compelling and joyful garnering positive reactions from all that were exposed to it. 
    When you ask Will, what if you become famous, his answer is “I just hope I can still go to school and play baseball”. Shane’s answer to the same question is similar with the caveat being “If we get too famous at least we will still have each other”. 
    Whatever lays ahead for these two it is surely going to be an exciting adventure in which both Will and Shane believe that their music is something that people will Have2Have.