Герои (Russia)

    "Heroes" have gone from Junior Eurovision Song Contest and the prestigious Young Artists Awards in Hollywood, to original, full-fledged professional project. They are not newcomers to the scene - their artistic experience includes over 10 years! For those who are still in childhood raised stadiums and infect their positive energy large concert halls, it became a logical continuation of the way to the top of music charts.
    The "Heroes" was born in 2011, debuting with his first music video for the song "My little foolish heart", which immediately hit the television charts. Already in September, their second video for the song "Love - it's chemistry" has successfully supported the growing popularity of the group. In "Heroes" far-reaching plans, they are young and looking to the future with optimism. This contributes to a growing army of fans every group unwittingly becoming infected with positive and charismatic young artists.