Francesco Stefanelli (San Marino)

    The tiny principality of San Marino makes its Eurovision Young Musicians debut this year in Cologne.
    Young cellist Francesco Stefanelli was the lucky musicians chosen by broadcaster SMRTV to represent the country at Eurovision Young Musicians 2016. The 17-year old comes from the town of Borgo Maggiore in San Marino, and has been playing the cello since he was seven years old.
    Born and raised in San Marino, Francesco graduated from the 'Lettimi' Institute of Higher Education in Rimini (Italy) in 2015. In the same year he would receive the prestigious ”Maura Giorgetti” scholarship for young cellists under twenty years old, organised by the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Scala Theatre in Milan; and a year later in March 2016 won the Scholarship of “Yamaha Music Foundation of Europe”.