Flowers of Ashdod (Israel)

    The "Ashdod Flowers" is a children's vocal-choreographic variety show under direction of Evgeniya Shor. The choreographer-director - Alexandra Tchertkov. The "Ashdod Flowers" is 60 talented children from 4 till 13 years - unique in Israel and far behind its limits collective. Musical compositions of various styles and directions in many languages in performance of this collective represent the bright professional dramatized show. 
    The "Ashdod Flowers" is a theatre of a children's song, they are cheerful clockwork girls and boys whom under force to get any audience! Our collective repeatedly became the winner of such prestigious professional competitions and the international festivals, as "Negev Stars", "Golden Chanukia" 2006, "A Step to success", radio 891 FM, "The Rainbow of nations of the world ". Our performances decorate television programs of a telechannel "Israel Plus ".