Festival Juguemos a Cantar (Mexico)

    Juguemos a Cantar (Let's play singing), was a children's competition festival that was held yearly in Mexico City beginning in 1982. Televisa produced this show, and it was transmitted on the program, "Siempre En Domingo", which was hosted by Raúl Velasco. This competition was developed to seek out young talent, and was open to all Mexican resident children up to the age of 13. Juguemos a Cantar was first and foremost a "Festival De La Canción" (Festival of the Song), meaning that the songwriter and the song itself is celebrated along with the performer. All songs performed in the competition were required to be original, and the song writing is judged, as well as the artist performance. The popularity of its first transmission in 1982 made it one of the most important talent Festivals in all of Latin America. In the years it aired, it served to propel an impressive number of artists, such as: Lucero, Thalía, Edith Márquez, Eduardo Capetillo, and Lorenzo Antonio, as well as many songwriters, such as Omar Alfanno, Tirzo Paiz, Lorenzo Antonio, and Sergio Andrade.