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    ((Coro Fermata Music)) is a non-profit group created in 2007 by the Mtro.G.Freijido" Master Class," with the aim of providing a different space in Uruguay,the country of Natalia Oreiro Наталия Орейро.Focused on teaching and the dissemination of culture through music, dance and other disciplines that are carried out honorably by more than 100 children, youth and adults of the country.A show "All the way" will be at the  «National Auditorium Sodre,»27 and 28 Nov. 2016🎼♪
    While Fermata started as a chorus, innovation and artistic activity in recent years has transferred strictly coral and has allowed such growth currently under the name "Fermata Music" and brings in its formation the Choir Fermata (40 young and adults), Chorus Fermata children (75 children and youth), the Fermaltos group (11 males between 10 and 15 years), Fermata band, string Orchestra and winds, soloists and dancers.Similar NCC🎤 Orquesta Cateura♬  ♫ •♪ ♫ •
    The group has grown so much that it is not a simple Choral Group of young people, small kids, young teenagers, young adults etc., it has become a big big group where you can find, a complete Orchestra with the Band and instruments included that reminds you of the years of Radio City music.🌟