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    Evan Le ((officially Evan Duy Quoc Lê))Born (to VIETNAMESE American parents who do not have any background in music),on May 31, 2011 CA,Torrance.Evan’s musical journey was not planned.One day Evan’s older brother Brandon — who was around 5 at the time — wanted to buy a toy keyboard and granted his wish. When the boys opened the toy Brandon pressed keys randomly and loudly...Viet Nam Similar  “Tsung Tsung”  Jonah Ho   «Anke Chen»  🌎 
    To the contrary, Evan — who was 2 and a half years old — pressed the keys one by one with pauses in between, and listened intently to the sounds coming from the toy. He then pressed the keys again, but this time he turned to his dad and asked “What do you call this?” after pressing each key.When Evan’s love for music became too apparent, the toy keyboard was replaced by an electric piano.😱 
    Almost immediately this boy became obsessed with piano and spent much time playing it. By the time Evan Lê was 3, he was able to listen to simple nursery rhymes and play very similar tunes on the piano, at first with one hand and then with both.On December of 2014 Evan’s parents took him to Virtuosos Russian Music Academy (VRMA)  from Ms. Tuong Van Nguyen,School of Music in Westminster.Currently under tutelage of Miss Claudia Yun Xi (La Palma,California,)USA.Besides having perfect pitch, reads and memorizes music pieces incredibly fast.
    Evan Le received the Global Child Prodigy award for Music/Piano. His name was listed under the top 100 prodigies of the year.2020  ((Awardee🌟))