Ellis Hall (Australia)

    Boy | Pop
    Ellis is your typical 17 year old Aussie teen who loves to surf, skate and snowboard... and of course sing.
    Living on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Ellis’ music influence comes from R&B, soul and singer song writers such as Jason Mraz, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Jack Johnson. Adding to this, Ellis has grown up with a family that taught him the supremacy of music.
    “Music is the soundtrack to your life. It influences your experiences then etches and triggers memories,” says Ellis. He believes music has the power to bring people together and this is his intention as he creates his musical journey.
    Ellis was discovered by his music teacher whilst he auditioned for a song in his school musical as part of a ‘dare’ by his mates. After attending acting workshops at his agency saw great potential in Ellis when he performed on the spot, in front of his peers, Jason Mraz’s song ‘I’m Yours’. 
    Studying vocals and guitar at The Australian Institute of Music, Ellis is known as creative and fun. He feels singing and acting amplifies emotions and allows him to express himself.
    Ellis’s creativity has extended to song writing. His first song ‘Butterflies’ written with his mate Freddie was inspired by an anonymous girl spotted on the corner of street in North Narrabeen. 
    Thanks to his uber cool parents, Ellis has travelled extensively to Europe, USA and Asia providing him with a wide cultural understanding. He lives for the day, stays in the moment and his favourite saying is “carpe diem”. Welcome to Ellis’ world...where what you put in is what you get back.