Елисей Мысин (Russia)

    Elisey Mysin«Елисей Мысин» Star on the "Baikal Festival". 2018 Festival diary, very talented pianist from Stavropol Russia(Россия). 
    He plays the piano from 3 and a half years old. He studies at the music school in the preparatory department, and in his spare time he plays chess, plays soccer and collects Lego designers. Despite such a young age, Elisha Mysin  is the Winner of many contests and festivals. 🎼♪♬
    Parents are Olga Mysina, Andrey Mysin and Sister Sofya Barsukova .The boy dreams of his own piano. And he also wants to travel around the world🌍 and play a concert with the orchestra. In the plans of a young musician - it is to learn to play the violin and organ.  
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