Елисей Мысин (Russia)

    Elisey Mysin talented actor, pianist and composer from Stavropol Russia.Star on the "Baikal Festival",2018 Festival diary. He plays the piano from 3 and a half years old. 🎼 Events he participated:«Синяя птица».
    This Kid as a student studies at the preparatory department[Central Music School]  “Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory,” and in his spare time he plays chess,  soccer and collects  Lego designers.Despite such a young age, he is the Winner of many contests and festivals.  
    Parents are Olga Mysina, Andrey Mysin and Sister Sofya Barsukova. The boy dreams of his own piano. And he also wants to travel around the world🌍 and play a concert with the orchestra. In the plans of a young musician - it is to learn to play the violin and organ. For all organizational issues contact by e-mail: muza2303@gmail.com .  ((.instagram fans ))🚴🏼
    Elisey Mysin (Елисей Мысин) is a multi-talented child personality who recently made the headlines after making his acting debut in the movie Pro Lyolyu I Minku, aka  'About Lelya and Minka' (All About My Sister) [Про Лёлю и Миньку]. The movie was released in the year 2020, and he had played the role of Min’ka, which has pleased audiences from all around the world.  «Wiki»