Eliot Nordqvist (Sweden)



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    Eliot Nordqvist is a jack of all trades; composer, pianist and guitarist, but it does not stop him to dedicate himself to sports, art, dance, writing short stories and poems.
    As a musician Eliot gradually released his works through different concerts and the social media. Nordqvist has won various awards, including first prize in piano 2014, first prize in guitar performances 2012 & 2014 and a composition award for interpretation and best performance of contemporary music at "Stockholm International Music Competition" (SIMC).2012. Nordqvist has also received "Mai von Rosen Scholarship award" by "The Royal Swedish Academy of Music".
    "When I write my poems, words are the most powerful tools to communicate with the environment. In terms of composition the notes are my words, in terms of music through which I can express my feelings to the world. Here I do feel at home and can recognize me as a whole person." Eliot. N