Эдуарда Юденича (Uzbekistan)



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    EDWARD YUDENICH ((Эдвард Юденич)).Born 2004. He loves music but in a different way usually kids do.At the only age of 1 years old he started with his first violin, of course in a kids way but immediately he turned to be an expert,and now he is a full expert directing orchestras and playing the violin like a Pro.Became proficient in violin in 1 year and learned orchestral conducting in 6 months. 
    He was a Student of the Uzbekistan Music Conservatory.Teacher - Professor of the opera-symphony department of the State Conservatory of  Uzbekistan - (Vladimir Neymer). Amazing performances by Edward Yudenich conducting The student Orchestra of State Conservatory of Uzbekistan and Uzbekistan State Orchestra when he was 7 and 8 years old, respectively .He has complete control over the orchestra and gives a great performance as he has the whole piece memorised.   ♪ ♬♪ ♬♪ ♬
    Actually he resides in New York City [North America] where he teaches Orchestra Direction.Really a Master at a very young age.This kind of Talent kids is not very usual, but the History tells that are more around the world🌍 like «Avery Drummer Molek»,💓