Dayana Kirillova (Даяна Кириллова, Russia)

    Girl | Pop
    Dayana Kirillova (born April 16, 2002) is a Russian singer. She is a multiple laureate of Russian and international song contests, the Russian representative at the 2013 Slavianski Bazaar (children's competition) and the Russian representative at the 2013 Junior Eurovision which took place on November 30 in Kiev.
    Dayana was born on April 16, 2002, in Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia, where she still lives with her parents. She received her unusual name because her parents thought she was going to be a boy and had picked out the boy's name of Danil.
    When Dayana was four, her grandmother brought her to an audition at a nearby recreational center. At the audition, the teachers said that Dayana was tone deaf and had no voice, but let her attend if she wanted. Ever since, for over six years as of 2013, Dayana has been studying in the vocal class of Eleanora Kalashnikova. At the age of four, Dayana already debuted on stage.
    Dayana performs both solo and as a member of a vocal trio named Barbie Cocktail. Since 2012, Dayana attends a dance studio belonging to the Todes network.
    Dayana Kirillova at the dress rehearsal for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013
    In 2012, Dayana placed second in the Russian national final for that year's Junior Eurovision, missing the first place by two points. The next year, she won the selection with the song "Mechtay". She will represent her country at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013 with the song "Dream On". Earlier in 2013 she was selected to represent Russia in the children's contest of the 2013 Slavianski Bazaar, on which she also missed out by one point in the final audition in 2012. At Slavianski Bazaar she shared third place with Galina Dubok from Ukraine.
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