Даниил Козлов (Belarus)

    Boy | Pop
    When Daniil was nine, he took his first lesson from a skilled teacher Nelli Dukova at the pop-studio Allegro Nova. The teacher and the pupil understood each other from the first sight.
    After one year of successful lessons Danik (this name his parents and friends usually use) started to participate in different international and national contests. 13-years-old musician has already won 12 prestigious musical competitions. In his native town he is lovingly called the golden voice of Zhabinka.
    But singing is not the only Daniil’s passion. He also takes the violin classes at Zhabinka’s Art School, loves Belarusian folk and classical music, geography, biology and literature.
    The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis is one of his favorite books, and he is a real fan of Moonlight Sonata by L. van Beethoven.