Coro y Orquesta Urubichá (Bolivia)



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    “Instituto de Formación Integral ((Coro y Orquesta Urubichá))” where Hanna Ludmilla Wolf have established the music institute,and local children learn to play instruments and play together in orchestras of different sizes and levels. She was one of the first, to set up this kind of cultural and social venture in Bolivia.The orchestra and choir has been formed that successfully cultivates Baroque Renaissance music.Children from 7 years to teens from 22 make up the Urubichá choir and orchestra.Many students, whose mission is to rescue the musical tradition of  Jesuit and Franciscan missionaries[Wálter Neuwirth].🎼♪♬
    Mission: Promote in kids,teens,young men and women, the art of music, perfecting techniques, skills to improve their musical knowledge and deepen through the different presentations and concerts; cultural - musical values of the country and the world, in this way to transmit to present and future generations what has been learned, guaranteeing a satisfactory performance in his life, which will lead him to an improvement of his family and social status. Urubichá“aguas claras” is the center of the making of exceptional violins of high sound quality.Similar  K'ana Wawakuna 🎤Cateura
    United States, Argentina, Peru and Venezuela, as well as several countries in Europe, are some of the places visited in recent months by the Urubichá Choir and Orchestra to promote their first symphonic album.The Urubichá Choir and Orchestra, which has its origins in the community of the same name in the department of Santa Cruz, is the only school in this region that has a symphony, now recognized not only inside but outside the country.🌍        Ramiro Barrenozo, director of the Institute.