Constanza Lechner (Uruguay)



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    ((Constanza Lechner))was a very sweet, charming, cute and talented girl that at the age of 3 did some TV Spots for Channel 12 Teledoce in Montevideo Uruguay.Music is her life even today.She was not shy, she loves music, singing and specially the Piano that she used to play like an expert even at her young age and also she used that talent for one of the TV spots.Karen her sister and Fede. the brother play the piano too. 🎧  ♫ •♪ ♫ • * ¨ * •. ♪ • * ¨  🎤 
    Daughter of famous director and pianist Jorge Lechner.Her uncle Miguel Louvet was the responsable for creating the jingle for the commercial from🌍 «IMPETU» publicidad,and she was not suppose to be the one selected, it was her brother but when they found she was so charming and natural they tried with her.Even her brother appeared on one of the Spots with her dressed as Santa Claus .She never forgets she wanted to sneeze in front of a  camera...    Similar 💝 Evan Lê
    Born in Argentina,actually lives in Europe Spain (Colmenarejo) with her husband [Sergio Mateo, and her son Martín],where she is a very well known pianist dedicated specially to kids.Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, etc. are the ones she loves most because of the dedication they had to the children.She gives Concerts even with Ballet Nacional.The Piano is the best friend for kids, she says.