Compass band (Armenia)



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    “Compass band” was founded in 2011 during a Christmas concert in N 55 School after A. Chekhov, were the members of the band study. Besides being classmates David, Abraham , Arshavir and Aram are close friends. Each has its own vision and idols in music.
    I`m Davit Paronikyan (13), the soloist of “Compass band” and the composer of “Sweetie baby”. I love my school and my classmates. I like to sing and to listen to rock music. My favorite groups are “Led Zeppelin”, Deep Purple”, “Pink Floyd” and the “Queen”.
    My first steps in music I’ve made with the help of my producer Zara Petrosyan, and got my vocal lessons at Hovhannes Nazaryan. I`m grateful to my father for developing my music taste, and also to my mother for my listening skills and sensitivity. I love people with the sense of humor and smiling people, especially smiling girls. My song is just about that.
    I`m Abraham Aznavuryan (13). I play the keyboard. As I like to study very much, my friends call me a “scholar” and I’m proud of my acquisitions. “Compass band” opened the door of music world. I`ve started to love, to appreciate and to play wonderful music. I appreciate kindness and humanism in people. I love and help my friends. I like to copying to John Lennon because I`m a fan of him. I also like classical music. My favorite composers are Chopin, Beethoven and others.
    I`m Arshavir Grigoryan (13). I play on drums. This group was made with my direct participation in A. Chekhov School. I like playing on drums so much that sometimes I play striking pencils on the desk at school and make my friends laugh. I’m grateful not only to my parents but also my elder friend-painter Tigran Matulyan for developing my music taste. I like to listen to qualified music and dream that our group will also be successful. My favorite drum player is John Bonham and Ian Paice.
    I`m Aram Tsaturyan (13). I study at collage “Qvant”. From the early times I play guitar, participate in music parties and rock concerts. I like to listen to rock music. My favorite musicians are Jimmy Page, David Gilmour, Ritchie Blackmore and others. I’ve infected my friends with loving music and I look at world and people with a smile.