Codigo FAMA (Mexico)

    Código F.A.M.A. is the first reality television show for children in Mexico. (2003 - 2005)
    From thousands of auditions, 40 (in season 1), 16 (season 2), 17 (season 3) children are chosen to form the first "phase" of the show, which is called "Código Bronce" or "Code Bronze".
    In the second phase, the finalists — 8 (season 1), 6 (seasons 2 and 3) — are revealed. The second phase is called "Código Plata" or "Code Silver".
    The third and final phase is reached as a winner is announced and this level is known as "Código Oro" or "Code Gold".
    Every participant who reaches a certain "code" receives a medal of the respective metal, i.e., bronze, silver or gold.
    Season 1: Código F.A.M.A
    Winner: Código Oro (Code Gold) Miguel Martínez
    Finalists: Código Plata (Code Silver
    2nd place: Adán Nieves, 3rd place: Gladys Gallegos, 4th place: Sergio Guerrero, 5th place: Diego González, 6th place: Xitlali Rodríguez, 7th place: María Chacón, 8th place: Jesús Zavala
    Season 2: Código F.A.M.A. 2
    Winner: Código Oro (Code Gold) Jonathan Becerra
    Finalists: Código Plata (Code Silver)
    2nd place: Marijose Salazar, 3rd place: Jorge Escobedo, 4th place: Alex Rivera, 5th place: Brissia Mayagoitia, 6th place: J. Sergio Ortiz Pérez