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    Chiquilladas was a Mexican television program made for children, in which you could see musicals, parodies and sketches of soap operas, programs and personalities of that time. Produced by Televisa, it was on the air from 1982 to 1993 with characters such as “Chiquidrácula”, “Pituka y Petaka”, “Carlinflas”, “El Maguito Rodi”, “la Bizcoteka del Aire” and parodies of “Popeye”, “Jacobo Zabludovsky, “So-and-so the Little Orphan”, etc.
    The original project began as children's sketches within the variety programs "Alegrías de Mediodía" and "Sábados Efectivos", where Carlos Espejel, Ginny Hoffman, Raúl Ortiz (Chuchito), Usi Velasco and his brother César Velasco, Claudia Ivette Castañeda, Lucero, Alejandro Escajadillo (now Aleks Syntek), Rodolfo Mercado (magician Rody) and his brother Rodrigo Mercado, as well as the sisters Norma Pérez (Pituka) and Rosaura Pérez (Petaka) were the protagonists.
    A year later, due to the success of these skits, which were very funny not only to children but also to adults, a pilot program was made in which all these children participated. The pilot was released on a Saturday in 1982 at 8 p.m. and it was such a success that in less than a month, the definitive program premiered on the comedy bar of Channel 2 of Televisa.
    The first to withdraw from the project to participate in other programs were Usi Velasco, his brother César and Claudia Ivette Castañeda, but Pilar Romero (who would later form part of Grupo Boquitas Pintadas) joined the series, Chuchito singer emerged from Juguemos a Cantar and the twins Ivonne and Ivette.
    Several members were coming and going, including Alejandro Schaar, Karina, Pierre Angelo, Rolando (the one who played the character of Sorullo), Pablo Villalobos (the one who played the character of Pablito the naughty), Marichelo Puente (from Juguemos a Cantar) and her little sister Anahí, Christian Uribe, Wendy Navarro Deneken (daughter of producer Humberto Navarro and singer Lila Deneken), Padia, Denise. In various programs that were recorded with children's audiences, they appeared on stage or participated in one or another sketch: Kalimba,1 M'balia and Alexander Acha, the son of the singer Emmanuel.