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    Chaotic Five was formed in mid 2011 in Hawaii by lead guitarist (Kalliyan). Kalliyan had been playing guitar for a few years before and dreamed about having her own rock band. She asked her mom to contact her friends to arrange a practice session in her garage, starting with only four-Kalliyan on guitar, Chloe on vocals, Ethan on drums and her dad on bass. Chaotic Five played their first show on July 2011 at Ige’s Restaurant in Aiea. The crowd was stunned by the young rockers’ fresh sound and gave them an enthusiastic reception. That very first show was a turning point, encouraging and motivating them to do better. The band quickly grew to five members, now with Daniel on keyboard/rhythm guitar and Dairen on bass. Chaotic Five plays classic rock music from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. They have made numerous appearances at local venues including Wet n’ Wild, Ala Moana Centerstage, Manoa Grand Ballroom, The Society of Seven Showroom, Perry & Price Show, Hard Rock Café, Cycle City-Harley Davidson, Surfer (the bar), Aloha Stadium and numerous charity events. These pint-sized rockers (the nickname was given by their fans) that call themselves “Hawaii’s youngest classic rock band” are building a local following with their Chaotic Five Facebook page and YouTube videos.