Celine Tam (Hong Kong)

    Girl | Pop
    Celine Tam (譚芷昀 / 譚芷筠) is a little girl from Hong Kong, who has a talented voice and can be the mini Celine Dion in Hong Kong!
    Celine is a Young and Talented Singer/Performer! She ALWAYS have her BEST SMILE on Stage!
    She started singing in the age of 3, going through all the good and bad experience, Celine is now a well-trained student at Sing and you with Dr Steve Tam!
    She's only 7 and she can say so well on. 
    Personal Profile of Celine Tam:
    Name : Celine Tam
    Chinese name: 譚芷昀 / 譚芷筠
    Date of Birth: November, 11, 2007
    Education: The English Schools Foundation (ESF) 英基學校, Year 3
    Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Playing Piano, Drawing, Drama
    Celine has been gaining most of her prizes with both Celine Dion's song, she is now working hard on Whitney Hillston's I will always love you and targeting to get more prize with a new song!
    1.ESF Education Singing Competition - Champion
    2.Metro Radio Station The 4th Star kids Singing Competition - 2012 Champion
    3.Hong Kong Metro Singing Competition - 2013 Champion
    4.Hong Kong Expo singing competition - 2013 Champion
    5.Eugene Magazine - Singing Competition 2013 Champion 
    6.Metro Radio Station Talent Kids Competition - 2013
    7.The 5th Star Kids Singing Competition 2013 Champion
    8.China TVS5 (Guangzhou Television) Singing Competition, 2013 Gold Medalist 让梦飞起来
    9.China Got Talent 中国达人秀2014 - Hong Kong District