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    Caitlin Sommerville is 11 years old and aspire to be a soul/pop/country/christian singer, songwriter, and acoustic guitar player. She began singing and dancing since she was an infant. She started learning to play guitar at the age of 6. She have consistently played guitar for the last 5 years and have performed in solo & ensemble performances throughout Florida, Alabama and Mississippi Gulf Coast. She has currently written over 10 original songs to date ranging from Country/Pop to Contemporary Christian. She was also nominated for the “Horizon Award” in the 2013 FBISF "Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival" Youth Songwriting Showcase for best new talent by CJ Watson and Karen E. Reynolds. Her goal is to be a professional musician and hope that she can connect and inspire her audience with the music that she write and perform. She enjoys singing lyrics of love, courage, hope, and overcoming life’s challenges through her faith in God.