Brano Holicek (Slovakia)

    Boy | Pop | Rap
    Brano was born in Kosice (eastern Slovakia) and at a very early age he showed musical talents. He began acting in small roles in children's theatre, which resulted in important parts in movies and television. In 1997, he was selected as the title role in the musical "Oliver!". This ran for a year and a half resulting in 150 performances. 
    In June 1998, Brano released his CD "Kik Flip". A music video was made for the song Bazeny (Basins). His acting in Oliver earned him a role in the television mini series "Like Wild Geese" in 1998, a major role in the film "All My Loved Ones" and in 1999 earned the lead role in "Thomas the Falconer". 
    Brano is continuing with his singing and acting, and in February 2001 he entered the Prague Conservatory.