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    The rock band Black Out was formed in 2005 by three talented pre-teen boys from McLean, Virginia. They are Hunter - guitar/piano/vocals, Matthew - drums, and Tug - bass guitar/vocals. In addition to playing cover songs, they also have writen their first original song "Video Games". 
    The idea for Video Games came about when their music coach found the boys playing video games every time he turned his head. Probably in desperation, he told Hunter he ought to write a song about video games. By the next week, and with suggestions from his bandmates, Hunter came to practice with the chorus and first verse.
    Playing together, they worked out the basic melody. But were a bit stuck for more verses. Hunter's Mom, Judy, heard the song and couldn't get the catchy lyrics out of her head. As the mother of two sons she had lots of experience with boys playing video games, so just to amuse her family she jotted down what became the next two verses and emailed them to Hunter's Dad. Everyone agreed the song had a certain something and it was pulled together into its finished form, appropriately names "Video Games".
    Saturday mornings, as the sound rocked up the basement stairs, visitors just couldn’t stop humming the contagious tune. And soon the boys were asked to perform at local schools. As they started playing the song, kids in the audience were up and dancing and the teachers were caught up in the excitement as well.
    Plans were soon underway to capture the performance in a music video so others could enjoy the show. It was made and is now in distribution.
    They have recorded 4 more originals - Graffiti, 6th Grade King, Recess Blues and their own cover of Louie Louie.
    Black Out's musical influances include Led Zeppelin, Blink 182, The Doors, U2, AC/DC, Coldplay, and Weezer.