Elibeth Danielyan (Betty) (Элизабет Даниелян (Бетти), Armenia)

    Girl | Pop
    Elibeth Danielyan was born on March 7, 2003. Being an active and musical child, she has been attending State Chorographical School since the age of 4 and simultaneously attended college. She has been going to School N.8 named after A.Pushkin since the age of 6 where she has had excellent progress up to present days. Now she dances in “Nane” dance studio.
    Simultaneously, Elizabeth attends the National Aesthetical Centre named after Henrik Igityan. She studies embroidery, origami and drawing.
    Since August 2012 Betty has been hosting “The Magnificent Seven with Elizabeth” on “Kentron” TV and “Alone at home” TV programs on “H2” TV. Betty has already had experience in hosting from TV broadcasting since her early age for she had often many appearances in “Hayrenik” TV channel broadcasting.