Bentley Green (United States)

    Boy | Rap
    With over nine million YouTube hits, thousands of Facebook friends, and Twitter followers, uber talented, tween heart throb Bentley Green, “a.k.a” BG is so unusual.  BG, has been lighting up stages since the age of four, performing in front of audiences for the 2011 NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks; to wowing television viewers on the Ellen Degeneres Show and the Maury Povich Show.
    BG has evolved!  He begin his career as a rapper, and since that time has masterfully-developed the art of acting, with his natural ability to memorize lyrics and large scripts.  BG is an exceptionally bright student that makes good grades. 
    Another thing, that makes BG unusual, is his involvement in social causes.  In a generation where youngsters shy away from responsibility, BG is standing tall by lending his name and voice to “Bullying Campaigns.”  For the last two-years BG, has performed live concerts, on behalf of ‘The B Project’ a non-for-profit organization located in Dallas, Texas to help bring awareness to this cause.  BG demonstrates a positive-energy; at all times and sincerely believes that by lending his name and voice to the cause of Bullying that others (young and old) will do the same and merge their voices to end Bullying worldwide. 
    With a professional portfolio that garners Hasbro commercials, Frito Lay print ads, and music hits like ‘Hey Moma’, ‘Bounce’ and his latest release, ‘Fist Pump’; Bentley is sure to be the next tween sensation that’ll positively impact his generation by giving them profanity-free, swag-filled, clean entertainment. 
    BG’s unapologetic reverence for his mother and his constant verse of ‘being the man of the house’ is his mantra; young Bentley has the potential to teach and lead generations - by example – with his infectious personality and boyish swag.  BG is more than unusual, he is ORIGINAL!  He also enjoys basketball and eating pizza with his favorite person in the world; his mother, LaTonya Mitchell.
    (bio from official site)