Barrett Schmidt (United States)

    Boy | Pop | Guitar
    Barrett Schmidt is a young musician from New Orleans, Louisiana. He received his first guitar as a gift from his parents on his eighth Birthday. It was not until a year later he showed great interest in becoming a musician. While some family friends were visiting, their sixteen year old son played the guitar, it was not until then Barrett was inspired to play and become what he is today.
    Like any parent would do, they explained that if he could learn a song on his own only asking help from his Pop’s and using youtube, then he would be given paid lessons thereafter. Needless to say Barrett is a self taught musician and singer. His gift with music proved itself early on when it only took one week for him to memorize the music and lyrics to a cover song. The very first song he learned was a two chord song, Horse with no Name. This song is no longer allowed to be played around his family whom had to listen to it countless times the first year of learning. You can see many of the initial songs learned on Barrett’s Youtube page and him displaying such a soft and sweet voice and desire to excel.
    Since the age of ten Barrett’s daily routine is to practice twenty songs per day and add one new song a week to his play list. During his year of changing into an adult, Barrett like many other young musicians struggled and pushed through the difficulties of his voice changing. It was only 2013-2014 Barrett did not record or play in front of large crowds and maintained vocal training to re-event who he is today.
    Barrett has written over 20 songs with 12 published and can sing songs in Spanish and Portuguese. When learning different genres of music he focuses on learning three songs per artist before moving to the next. His genres of music include Folk, Country, Christian, Latin, Classic Rock, Alternative, Holiday, and Pop. His large play list allows him to play any type of event and for multiple hours.
    Now at the age of fourteen and with over 125 songs under his belt, Barrett enjoys traveling with his family. It affords him the opportunity to perform many types of events in different countries. Though he’s recognized Worldwide, Barrett aspires to be a future recognized labeled artist. Please show your support by following him on Facebook Twitter and Youtube. We look forward to hearing from you. Please drop him a comment or send him an e-mail.