Axel Rodriguez (Uruguay)



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    ((Аксель Родригес))  Axel Rodríguez is 11 years old, lives in the neighborhood of Nuevo Amanecer from Soriano and goes to School No.46 .🎼Music is his life since the age of 4 according to his mother Martha Soledad Martinez.Axel plays football in Olimpico,[Mercedes,Uruguay]where he lives.Axel has pets, Nina[dog] and Perla(parrot).Similar «Ярослав Соколиков»  «Izan-Llunas» 
     In 2017 was selected among more than 2000 children for the TV program  "Master Class"🌍🎤URUGUAY from La Tele,channel 12 in Montevideo Capital City.The first song he interpreted in front of the Jury of the program was the song from Whitney Houston"I have nothing"[ No tengo nada ] and the Jury was surprised at the voice of this kid that really amazes them.He has an incredible TREBLE voice that really surprises everybody. 😱
    Axel Rodriguez is a very talented,sweet and humble kid who loves painting and drawing .He was selected from the Jury of the Program, to be the BEST of this season from Teledoce.After being nominated the best student of the Class, he interpreted the song  "Angel",captivated again  the hearts of many people watching,many were not surprised at the final decision.    
                                                 Dios conmigo💗Quien contra mi .💗(El Chino)